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Ctx 2012 show preview

posted on Oct 28, 2011


Counter Terror Expo returns to London Olympia 25-26 April 2012.


This widely acclaimed and world beating premier event for public and private sector professionals working at the sharp end in ensuring an effective and consistent response to the threat we face from terrorism is now in its fourth year and continues to grow exponentially.


Counter Terror Expo remains the only event of its kind to gather the world’s leading experts together with top industrialists from across the globe, in a unique and secure environment designed to foster close cooperation in the complex and multi-faceted task of combatting terrorism at the transnational, regional and local level.


Uncertain times


Counter Terror Expo is being held at a time of great uncertainty in the world.


The capture and death of Al Qaeda (AQ) leader Osama bin Laden is said to be proof positive that the decade old campaign against terrorism is being won. Although hailed as a great success, the infringement of Pakistan’s sovereign territory by United States military assets, has not played well and resulted in a difficult relationship with that country apparently becoming distinctly frosty.


Meanwhile, the tumultuous upheaval we have seen across great swathes of the Arab world over the past year has led to a shift in the balance of power regionally, which may present a significant danger on our own doorstep if the vacuum is not filled appropriately.


While it is hoped that the ousting of hardline leaderships in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt will bring about greater stability, the power vacuum has been filled by interim military leaderships which appear reticent to let go of the reigns in two of these countries. Thus public dissent is once again being heard on the Arab street.


Civil unrest also continues unabated at the time of writing in Yemen and Syria.


The former country has proven to be a relatively safe haven for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which has been successful in launching potentially devastating attacks against Western targets over the past three years.


The hardline leadership of the latter country looks increasingly fragile as it strives to hang on to power against a backdrop of international indignation at civilian killings and detentions.


Syria’s leadership is said to have no appreciable opposition capable of holding the country together in the event that Bashar al-Assad eventually goes. Assuming a meltdown does occur in the country, it will likely give rise to significant danger on Europe’s porous Eastern borders.


Bahrain has also been the scene of a crackdown on civilian opposition to the ruling elite with military support from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


Saudi Arabia most recently introduced limited societal reforms in an effort to quell rising voices of dissent.


The so called “Arab Spring” could potentially be turning into the “Arab Winter”.


Cutting Cost


Counter Terror Expo will be held at a time of deep governmental cost cutting as national economies globally strive to address issues gripping the financial markets.


National defence budgets (including counter terrorism efforts) are not immune to such pruning.


Irrespective of deeply devastating acts of terrorism in the past, some of these national budgets are being slashed as a result of a perceived peace dividend.


History has demonstrated previously that such a policy has a tendency to leave the gate open to future attack.


It is incumbent on the military, security services, industry and academia generally to drive this point home, whilst engaging in dialogue and developing solutions that fit with the current world politic at an acceptable and achievable price point.


The event


Counter Terror Expo’s operationally critical and highly respected centrepiece conference has a well deserved reputation for its delivery of insight, analysis and perspective on the range of threats faced. The event gathers over 100 internationally recognised speakers in the field of counter terrorism together annually, to debate the issues faced, define the operational strategies, and help to shape future policy within the secure conclave of conference.


Principal conferences include:


•  Global Counter Terrorism

•  Cyber Security and Electronic Terrorism

•  Protection of Crowded Places (iincluding Designing Out Terrorism & Emergency Service Response)

•  Critical National Infrastructure Protection

•  Tactical Counter Terrorism


Conference is held alongside a wide range of hands-on Showcase events designed to highlight the capabilities of many of the technology solutions available to counter terrorism professional today, as well as an extensive range of educational Workshops presented by key experts from the industry sector.


Counter Terror Expo will feature several new Showcase events including the following.


1) CBRNE Protective Clothing & Equipment


This event primary focuses on the needs of the Military, Police, Emergency Services, EOD and Hazmat Teams responding to incidents and features:


•  Live product demonstrations running throughout the event

•  Scenario based demonstrations including decontamination, detection and incident management


2) IEDD Live Theatre

With specific relevance to Police, Fire, Military, Transport Security and other emergency responders , this event showcases the following:


•  ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) capability through scenario based demonstrations

•  Demonstrates ancillary equipment such as hook & line, jamming and ground scanning

•  Highlights current generation suit mobility & maneuverability in extreme situations including victim recovery


3)  Access Control Focus


Access to potentially high risk buildings and facilities remains a key consideration in counter terrorism planning. This event highlights the following:


•  The substantial range of solutions available in the marketplace today.

•  Circumstance dependent deployment methodologies.

•  Hands on ability to assess current solutions


This world beating counter terrorism event is supported by an extensive Exhibition of hardware and software solutions from across the globe which spans both the Grand and West Halls at the prestigious Olympia Conference & Exhibition Center.




Counter Terror Expo is an annual gathering and being held in its 4th year against the backdrop of the United Kingdom (UK) hosting the Summer Olympic Games.


In deciding to host this globally significant sporting event, the country has become a potentially major target for those who would wish to cause harm on the world stage.


Olympic Games security planning has been ongoing since the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded the Summer Games to the UK. Arrangements are widely regarded as the most robust defensive security model delivered in the history in the Games.


Counter Terror Expo delegates will gain valuable insight into this planning In the immediate run up to the Summer Olympic Games.


Gathering over 100 internationally recognised speakers in the field of counter terrorism together with over 400 leading industry technologists to debate the issues faced, define the operational strategies, and help to shape future counter terrorism policy, this event remains the only one of its kind in the world today that evolves in line with global geopolitics.


Counter Terror Expo is the principal event in the calendar of industry professionals globally and will be held next at London Olympia 25-28 April 2012.




More Information


Please contact Nicola Greenaway-Fuller on +44 (0)208 542 9090.

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